Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NL Summertime Moving Co.

Odalis Perez, RHP/Tim Redding, RHP (Washington Nationals) - Neither of these guys are going to push teams over the top, but they will be more than available as successful reclamation projects for the Nationals staff. If there are teams that desperate for pitching, these guys may help.

Cristian Guzman, SS (Washington Nationals) - Signed primarily for his defense before the 2005 season, Guzman has given the Nationals some serious offensive support this season. It may also be no coincidence that this is the last year of his contract. Guzman should be able to fill a hole, but he is no permanent solution nor is he big impact.

Bronson Arroyo, RHP (Cincinnati Reds) - The Reds may be luke warm about dealing Arroyo because he has put together some good years and the Reds have him re-signed at an unusually reasonable deal. He may go only because a team out there offers a good package for the Reds to move on.

Ken Griffey Jr., OF (Cincinnati Reds) - Griffey has hit #600 and it was in a Reds jersey. There has already been a great deal of speculation as to whether or not the Reds will deal him as his contract expires at the end of the year. Whether or not the Reds are sellers is still up in the air, but if they are, any team should be extremely excited at the prospect of acquiring one of the most popular players in the MLB.

Jason Bay, OF (Pittsburgh Pirates) - Bay may get traded this July, but the Pirates are looking better. They may be only a couple of pitchers short of contention, which is something that organization sorely needs. If Bay is dealt, he will fetch a very high price tag, perhaps larger than any other player I have earmarked as being available.

Brian Fuentes, LHP (Colorado Rockies) - Fuentes has been back and forth between setup and closer over the past few years and would be one of the best relief options for teams looking to shore up their bullpens. Fuentes can be used in either role and would be a great target for a team like the Brewers.

Todd Helton, 1B (Colorado Rockies) - It is so disappointing to see the Rockies fall to the lows that they have hit. The NL West does not appear to have a dominant team in it again, so the Rockies could once again get hot and take the division as was somewhat expected this offseason. If this does not happen, look for the Rockies to engage in serious conversations about trading Helton to free up some cash. If this does happen, the Rockies may be able to retain Matt Holliday. Helton's skills have diminished a bit, the power is not coming back, but he is one of the best hitters of my generation. Plus leadership skills will help any interested clubs.

Greg Maddux, RHP (San Diego Padres) - Wouldn't it be beautiful to see Maddux back in Atlanta to potentially finish his career. The only problem is that Atlanta is not Petco Park and his numbers may suffer a bit, but he is still the competitor he was 15 years ago. I would imagine that Maddux would welcome a chance to win again and would waive his limited no-trade clause to be in the playoffs.

Brian Giles, OF (San Diego Padres) - The aging slugger is really just a contact hitter at this point. He has lost nearly all of his home run power, but he can still hit the ball well. He strikes me as a Larry Walker type addition for the Cardinals a couple of years ago in 2004. The Padres definitley would benefit from moving Giles and what remains on his contract and there are some teams that could use him as a 2 or 7 hitter.

Randy Winn, OF (San Francisco Giants) - Winn is one of the more underrated players having played his career out in Tampa Bay, Seattle and San Francisco. He has good range, a good contact ability and has above average speed and average power. Winn would be a good pickup for any team that needs the extra boost in the outfield. I would not call him a big impact player, but he would make a difference on most teams.

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