Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fan Vote Gets it Right

Credit is due to fans for getting this vote right. I previously argued that voting for the all-star game was a hoax and that fans seem to always get the vote wrong. I still argue that several starters on each team are not top performers at their position (Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Giovanni Soto, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro for instance are not having seasons that earned them starting spots), but I am so pleased by the final roster spot that I am willing to call it a wash and maintain my average amount of disdain for the game that apparently still counts thanks to the marketing folks at FOX.

Today, Major League Baseball announced that Corey Hart and Evan Longoria were voted into the all star game with the final vote spot. Perhaps this is because no Red Sox or Cubs players were represented in the voting, but nonetheless, these were the most deserving players. Longoria has largely carried the Rays offense with clutch hits and constant contribution in his first two months of his major league career and Corey Hart has been a catalyst in the lineup to the Brewers. Perhaps Pat Burrell would have been a good choice as well, but it was great to see New Yorkers Jason Giambi and David Wright not make it because of their teams massive fan base. I will often hark on how small market baseball does not receive equal opportunity. Today, I do not feel that way and may be on this high for a little while now.

One final note I wish to make is that the Brewers really did what they could to help Hart make this push to Major League Baseball's annual summer showcase event. The Brewers put computers around Miller Park so fans could vote for Hart as many times as possible for this afternoons game versus the Colorado Rockies. Very exciting idea and kudos to the Brewers front office staff for making that possible.

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