Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NLDS Preview

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadelphia Phillies
In this series I favor the Phillies, though not nearly as much as the rest of the country. The Brewers will still get two starts out of CC Sabathia in a five game series and the way that he has been pitching, that could mean that they just need one win in one of the other three games. Despite all of that, the Brewers have really pushed Sabathia about as far as any pitcher can go in the day of the pitch count and five-man rotation. I see this series going to 5 games with the Phillies getting it done against Sabathia.
Pick: Phillies in 5

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs
While I see Lou Pinella's strategy of benching his stars during the last week of the season, he runs the risk of having their bats cool down and not be ready to go. The Dodgers have been playing very good September baseball and have gotten healthy at the right time. Even with that said, the Cubs are just so deep and have been baseball's most consistent team all season largely because of a deep pitching staff. I like the Dodgers in game 1, but the Cubs to take three in a row after that.
Pick: Cubs in 4

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