Saturday, October 4, 2008

Angels Woes Versus Boston

Sports analysts across the country have been screaming since Boston's 7-5 defeat of the Angels last evening about the post-season dominance that the Red Sox have over the Angels. Last nights win marked the 11th consecutive win for the Red Sox over the Angels in post-season play, a streak that spans back to the 1986 LCS. While those games seem unimportant, the Red Sox domanince of the Angels in October baseball is unusual and at least the 8 consecuitive victories (sweep in the LDS in '04, '07; and a 2-0 lead in '08) are relevant. This is unlike any other matchup that I have seen in my time as a follower of the game, while the 2008 series has provided some incredibly hard fought games, the Red Sox have still been winners.

I find it hard to believe in professional athletes allowing for a postseason losing streak that spans two decades to get into their minds, but it does seem unreal that the best team in the playoffs may go down tomorrow night to the same team. I think in this case, the Red Sox are the only team to win two World Series championships since the millenium. The experience of winning in the playoffs is in favor of the Red Sox and that may be the difference. Anchored by Josh Beckett, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and Jonathan Papelbon, the Red Sox do not get fazed by adversary and look for them to go in for the kill on Sunday.

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