Sunday, March 8, 2009

NL East Final Thoughts

Predicted Results:
Atlanta Braves
New York Mets (Wild Card winner)
Philadelphia Phillies
Florida Marlins
Washington Nationals

This appears to me to be the strongest division in the National League, by quite a good margin. I pick the Braves to outlast the Mets and Phillies in quite a dog fight because they have depth and will get Tim Hudson back for the stretch. Also given the Mets recent struggles in closing out the season and the Phillies starting pitching, the Braves look like they are going to be consistent all season. Injuries will be a huge factor in who wins this division with three very evenly balanced teams. Last season, the Braves were hit hard with injuries and added nothing but depth and durable veterans this offseason, in doing so, they are in great position to outlast their opponets this season. It will be important to watch the Marlins and Nationals, each of whom have legitimate talent and will be pesky to close out. One final reason why the Braves are going to be the NL East champions in 2009 is that they have the best young talent compared to the Mets and Phillies. They have 2-3 immediate contributors in 1B Jason Heyward, OF Jordan Schafer and RHP Tommy Hanson, not to mention 6-7 major league outfielders and 8 legitimate starting pitching candidates. This is a team prepared to make a run in 2009. Braves win the NL East in 2009.

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