Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts about Baseball: Top of the Tenth Inning

· Has one steal ever meant more to baseball than Dave Robert’s steal of second in the 2004 ALCS Game 4 (Rickey Henderson picking up the bag at third, not even close).
· When talking about Barry Bonds, the five minutes of discussion about Bobby Bonds and Willie Mays was a little excessive, but did really open up a little bit about his personality (Pirate Hats in the 1980’s were so awesome).
· Where does Ken Griffey Jr. fit between steroids, corked bats, amphetamines and then steroids again?
· Jason Grimsley is Spideman and apparently the hero of the players for replacing Albert Belle’s corked bats with a untainted bat (I bet the steroid allegations he made at the end of his career weren’t very well received).
· Performance enhancing culture, it’s about time that it was said (Didn’t need to think about Cialis or Viagra, but it hit it home)!
· Never remember seeing the Joe Torre scene crying before the 1996 World Series. I must admit, that really impressed me (1996 was the year Joe Buck took over for Bob Costas – now that’s truly the evil empire).
· I really want to go to one of those Latin games in New York City (because I am a hell of a dancer).
· 50HR’s had not been accomplished from 1977 to 1990? Wow! How about that Jose Bautista.
· Jose Canseco’s mullet and impact that he had on the last 94 minutes of my life really surprise me. I never really realized just how much of an impact that man had on baseball.
· 1998 was the year that I became a baseball fan thanks largely to what Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Ken Griffey Jr. did. I will argue with anyone that home runs are bad for baseball. Sammy Sosa was fun, and I do have a 1998 Cubs Sosa jersey.
· If I saw Bud Selig looking for andro (however you spell that) at my local Milwaukee drugstore, I would wonder if it would have any effect on that neck of his.
· One of my first baseball memories was watching McGwire hit #62 live, I love baseball memories.
· Ray Lankford, Scott Servais and Frank Howard, memories?
· Ironic that the MLB home run chase was compared as being a large dose of Prozac? Note the performance enhancing culture comment from earlier…
· Buck O’Neil receiving dedication at the end was awesome. Can’t wait for the bottom of the 10th.

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